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Having lived through years of persecution, my father, Max (Fouad) Sawdayee was passionate about the need to tell the world about plight of the Jewish people in Iraq under the Baath regime which began in 1963.   His ultimate dream was the chance to live life in freedom, a life with no fear, persecution or aggression. His book is a record of the day-to-day life for the Jews of Iraq at that time and the harrowing events which led to our final and very dramatic escape in 1970.

My father’s journey starts in the mountains of Iraq through to Iran, Italy, France, USA, Israel and finally ends in London where he settled in 1978.

"All Waiting To Be Hanged" was written by my father in English and has been kept unedited intentionally, in order to maintain the authenticity of his thoughts, feelings and expressions.  The book was first published in Israel in 1974 and is a tribute to Dad’s commitment to his roots, family traditions and his Judaism.

Dad finally fulfilled his dream.  He settled with his family in London,  was fortunate to see my sister and I happily married and was blessed with 6 grandchildren. 

Dad passed away peacefully on 28th February 2011 surrounded by his loving family, my mother Saida, my sister Belinda and myself. 


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I really hope you enjoy reading the book and find it interesting and informative. I would welcome any comments or shared memories about the book especially if you knew Dad or have lived through those terrible times in Iraq. 

Cordia Ezekiel (Sawdayee)